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A Hui Hou, Katie Folio

Aloha, my name is Katie Folio and it has been my privilege to act as the Community Coordinator for the Maui, Molokai, & Lānaʻi Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaiʻi (Coalition), a program of the Hawaiʻi Public Health Institute (HIPHI), since 2016. During my time with the Coalition, our incredible group of dedicated members and volunteers has worked tirelessly on tobacco control, prevention, education, and advocacy for Maui County and the State of Hawaiʻi. Our work has included but is not limited to, organizing support for the Tobacco-Free UHMC initiative, the passage of a Maui County ordinance prohibiting smoking in vehicles with minors present, supporting smoke-free multi-unit housing efforts across the county, providing youth vaping education and training, co-coordinating the Maui Nui Youth Council, and mobilizing county-level support around statewide tobacco control initiatives, including tobacco-free school buffer zones, a flavored tobacco ban, and comprehensive regulations for the vaping industry in Hawaiʻi. Needless to say, we’ve been very, very busy!

Through my service to the Coalition, I have had the honor of working with youth and youth-serving organizations, volunteers, cessation service providers, healthcare and health education providers, parents, teachers, environmental and sustainability groups, county department officials, lawyers, lawmakers, substance abuse prevention specialists, family service providers, and many, many other partners and community members who I cannot thank enough for their advocacy efforts to improve health and wellbeing for all. It takes community will to enact positive, healthy, long-lasting change, and thanks to all these incredible individuals and organizations, I am able to depart this role with comfort in the knowledge that the Coalition will continue to fight for a smoke-free Hawaiʻi until the day we see our vision realized.  

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been involved with the Coalition and our initiatives during my time as the Community Coordinator, and I look forward to continuing the work as a member and partner moving forward! 

Mahalo nui loa,
Katie Folio
Community Coordinator
Maui, Molokai, & Lanaʻi Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaiʻi

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