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Calling On Maui County Youth: Join the CTFH Youth Council

CTFH-Youth Council is looking for students from Maui County to join the movement to take down Big  Tobacco companies. Cigarette and vape use among middle and high school students are at an all time high in Maui County. 


According to the most recent data we have from 2019, thirty-three percent of Maui County middle school students and 58% of high school students  said they tried using e-cigarettes.1 How do Maui County middle and high school students compare to other counties? Maui County teens in high school ranked #1 in the percentage of teens who tried e-cigarettes.1 Maui middle school students had the 3rd highest percentage after Kauai and Hawai‘i County.1 It’s important to prevent nicotine use among middle and high school students because of 2 reasons –

  • Teens can become hooked on nicotine (it’s addictive) and can  impact your brain development 2
  • Nicotine use in youth can mean you’re more likely to smoke in the future 2


The tobacco Youth Council is a group of passionate students who advocate for the health and well-being of their generation. Youth Council members learn about youth advocacy, becoming leaders in their community, the local and state policy-making process (how laws are passed), set their own policy priority (what issue they want to support), peer-to-peer learning (educate peers and the public  about the dangers of using nicotine products), and be a part of a dynamic group of teens! Youth have the opportunity to interact with other youth groups across the nation! [Add 2 photos from this folder]


Youth Council members commit a full-year to train and participate in Youth Council activities. Many members participate multiple years and take on leadership roles to mentor younger students. Visit to learn more about what the award winning  Youth Council members do! The Youth Council is also on Facebook and Instagram. Apply Now! 


Do you have any questions? Contact HIPHI’s Maui Tobacco Coalition Coordinator Mary Levya ( or 808-591-6508 ext 13.



1 Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (YRBS), 2019. retrieved from Hawai‘i Health Matters:

2 Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). Quick Facts on the Risks of E-Cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults.

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