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Farm To School For Hawai‘i’s Future

Farm to School for Hawai‘i’s Future

October 21, 2018

In celebration of October as Farm to School Month in Hawai‘i, a Perspectives trip hosted by Hawai‘i Public Health Institute took participants to several model farm to school sites on O‘ahu. All three core elements of successful farm to school…

Growing State-level Support For Farm To School

Growing state-level support for farm to school

March 1, 2018

“Staying inside the classroom isn’t probably the best for your health,” observed a 4th grade student and active school gardener from Waikīkī Elementary School as he spoke to over one hundred attendees at the Farm to School Legislative Breakfast on…

Hawaii’s Farm To School Movement

Hawaii’s Farm to School Movement

December 12, 2017

Hawaii’s farm to school movement is growing like green beans! Over the past decade, a collaborative grassroots network has driven the development of school learning gardens and school food improvements across the state. In 2010, the Hawai‘i Farm to School…

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