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The Choose Healthy Now program aims to increase awareness and availability of healthier foods and beverages, giving people across the state more opportunities to eat well!

The program enables participating retail venues and worksite snack shops to easily promote healthy products through signage, product placement, and price incentives.

Just look for our logo to find items that keep you and your family happy and healthy! To find all Choose Healthy Now locations and videos, visit Choose Healthy Now Vending Project.

Retailers: Join The Choose Healthy Now Program

  1. Highlight healthier options in your store(s).
  2. Show those you serve that you care about their health and their communities.
  3. Receive support from HIPHI and DOH in planning your launch.

Are you wondering how your snacks can appeal to today’s wellness-minded consumers? Interested in becoming the go-to retailer in your community for healthy food choices? Looking for technical assistance in developing a nutrition policy for your business? Contact us using the form below

Download Free Choose Healthy Now Materials for Your Business or Worksite

Choose from a wide array of FREE Choose Healthy Now downloads, including: posters, window clings, floor clings, point-of-decision prompts, and more.

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