Kauai West Side Community Plan

Have you ever been asked to provide feedback or input on your Community Plan and felt like you didn’t have anything valuable to contribute?

You might think that you should just leave it up to the experts and your elected representatives. Perhaps you are a little skeptical and think that your comments won’t be considered anyhow since the decision makers are just going to do what they want. But being involved in community planning is not a waste of your time and there are many benefits and reasons why you should get involved.

Planning allows our communities to be prepared for changing populations and needs. Planning provides the foundation needed in order to make informed decisions about how to direct development to the most appropriate locations. Planning allows residents to set goals and priorities that will shape the future of their neighborhoods for years to come.

In June 2018, Mark Fenton visited Kaua‘i and, with a little help from his friends, created an extremely motivating and informative video explaining the importance of getting involved in community planning.

On Kaua‘i, we’re launching the process to develop the West Kaua’i Community Plan to manage future growth and change, while also coordinating land use and transportation planning. A shared vision will be developed along with guidance for the improvement of the West Side. The Plan will also update the Waimea-Kekaha Development Plan (1977) and the Hanapēpē-‘Ele‘ele Development Plan (1974).

If you live, work, or are from the West Side (of Kaua‘i), please strongly consider getting involved and staying informed.  Sign up for updates and attend an upcoming open house.

See the project website for more information. #showyourWESTside #plankauai