WEBINAR 4. Economic Relief Through the CARES Act


Join us for an overview of federal resources to aid with COVID-19 response and its effects on public health and economic security. Join U.S. Senator Brian Schatz and Kathleen Algire, Director of Public Policy and Research for Hawai‘i Children’s Action Network, to gain a deeper understanding of the CARES Act relief programs and how these will help millions of impacted Americans.


Here are some helpful resources mentioned by our presenters:

Senator Brian Schatz:

Kathleen Algire:


Q: How do I check the status of my unemployment claim?
A: DLIR created an online system that allows users to check the status of their claim:

Q: How do I backdate a claim?
A: Please email In your email, please include your full name, last four digits of your Social Security Number, your telephone number with the area code, and what date that you would like to backdate your claim to. Please know that you can only backdate your claim to your first week of less than full employment.

And to clarify an answer that was asked about losing income in 2020 and eligibility for the stimulus checks, as of right now if you don’t qualify because your income was too high on your previously filed tax returns there is nothing you can do, BUT you may be eligible once you file your 2020 taxes.