WEBINAR 6. How to Control the Coronavirus and Bring Back Hawaii’s Economy


Join two key authors of the UHERO report, “How to Control Hawaii’s Coronavirus Epidemic and Bring Back the Economy: The Next Steps” which is currently being used by the House Select Committee on COVID-19 Economic and Financial Preparedness. Dr. Sumner LaCroix and Dr. Tim Brown provide an update on the report, focusing on the need to build contact tracing and quarantine capacity, effective testing and monitoring, and public support for a sustained response before Hawai‘i can reopen the economy. They also provide examples of the experiences of other states and countries in reopening their economies. Finally, both speakers address next steps and what to expect from both community and government as we move forward with the “new normal”.


Here are the presentation slides and some helpful resources mentioned by our presenters:

Please note: Hawaiʻi Public Health Institute is not currently endorsing any particular reopening plan, but values the insights and perspectives provided by our speakers on this topic.