Complete Streets

When a street is made “Complete”, it makes the area equitable for all users: motorists, pedestrians, transit/bus users, bicyclists, and the disabled. It helps to address not only the safety of the people moving from place to place, but also serves to boost economic growth and social wellbeing. Continuous networks of safe sidewalks and bikeways, provided by Complete Streets projects, are important for encouraging physical activity and positively affecting our health.

Dairy Road is also the missing link. We have a wonderful Mokulele multi-use path extending from Kahului all the way to Kihei while on the other end with have the North Shore Greenway extending from Kanahā Beach Park to Pāʻia Bay (note: there is one missing section along this path that is near complete). Once Dairy Road becomes a Complete Street, there will be a safe avenue available extending from our north shore all the way to our south shore without ever having to get in the car. It will be a 14 mile continuous and protected mix use path!

What will a Complete Street look like for Dairy Rd?

Currently, Dairy Road is a five lane thoroughfare. Now that the Airport bypass road is in place, it can take most of the thoroughfare traffic. With a Complete Street design, Dairy Road will go from five lanes down to three. There will be two lanes going each direction with a middle turn lane. The space now created on the sides of the street will be designated for mixed use by pedestrians, bicyclists and transit (bus stops). There will likely be a buffered area between motorists and the mixed use area. The picture below is an example of how a Complete Street for Dairy Road will look. It will take some time to achieve it in itʻs full potential.

Before and After Complete Streets Project

On March 22nd, from 5-7 pm, there will be a Dairy Road Business Information Session where business owners can come to learn more about what a Complete Street is and what it means for their business. Location: Down to Earth.

Check out our Dairy Road Complete Streets Project website for more details and updates.