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Dr. Ruthsenne Perron Shared Background And Experience In Medical Technology Research And Innovation With Students, Parents, And Staff.

Forging a Path to Research: Waipahu High School’s Academy of Engineering Paves the Way for K-12 Students

HIPHI participated in the Waipahu High School Academy of Engineering’s 2023 End of Year celebration through its partnership with the Ola HAWAII project. This celebration was well attended by 125 people and served as a platform to recognize Waipahu High School students who received scholarships, setting them on their academic journeys.

The event brought together 12 engineers and professionals from diverse fields, including engineering, health research, the military, and education. These experts played a pivotal role in congratulating the academy’s graduates, presenting student awards, and sharing their personal career experiences. Throughout the academic year, the Academy of Engineering students receive the knowledge, skills, and courses essential to gaining admission to engineering colleges and achieving success in STEM careers. These opportunities increasingly captivate the students, sparking a genuine interest in engineering.

Meeting new engineers from their alma mater was particularly significant for the Waipahu High School graduates. These encounters provided invaluable guidance on navigating the educational system. They allowed families to gain fresh insights into the world of engineering. When asked about their career aspirations, 35% of students expressed interest in potentially pursuing a research career, and 21% of students expressed a keen interest in a research-oriented career.

Dr. Ruthsenne Perron, a member of the Ola HAWAII Community Engagement Core Hui, underscored the importance of role modeling, community engagement, and broadening horizons for economically disadvantaged students seeking careers in engineering and research, all while emphasizing the significance of giving back to their community and fostering excellence. 

As the new school year commences, the Waipahu High School Academy of Engineering remains committed to serving students with aspirations in the engineering field, and we eagerly anticipate the future of this partnership. We extend our best wishes to the Waipahu High School Class of 2023 as they embark on their college careers!

Kathleen Corpuz

Kathleen Corpuz

Program Manager on Community-Based Research
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