Get Ready for Get Fit Kauai’s 2018 Worksite Wellness Challenge

Get Fit Kauai’s Worksite Wellness Challenge is a nine-month health and wellness competition that runs from February to October 2018. The Challenge encourages organizations to promote and create healthy worksites by implementing policy, environment, program and/or other change.

Each team will complete an initial questionnaire to determine how many policies they have in place that support a “healthy” place to work. At the end of the nine-month challenge, all teams will retake the same questionnaire to see how much they have improved. The winner is determined by which team had the greatest amount of change from their beginning to end score. Extra points will be given to policy and system changes involving physical activity and nutrition.

To help the teams reach their potential, they will each be assigned a coach (a member of the Worksite Wellness Leadership Team) and, together, they will work to create change in the workplace.

The 2016 Challenge results were nothing short of miraculous:

  • over 100 written policies were implemented;
  • 59 percent put in place written policies for the provision of healthy food and beverage options at employee meetings and events;
  • 53 percent prohibited electronic smoking devices (vaping);
  • 41 percent subsidized gym memberships;
  • 50 built environment changes, including providing an on-site garden and installing bike racks;
  • 75 program changes such as offering Zumba classes on site; and
  • 41 small changes such as displaying healthy posters and distributing newsletters and flyers with healthy info on them.

Kauai businesses and agencies…don’t miss out. Join Get Fit Kauai’s 2018 Worksite Wellness Challenge. There is no cost to enter and the payoffs are invaluable. Registration opens at in late December. The first 15 teams that complete the registration form will be accepted.