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Collage Of Lokelani Intermediate's Garden To Glass Project. Glass Of Green Smoothie Pictured.

Harvesting Joy: From Garden to Glass

In a celebration of abundance from the school garden, Lokelani Intermediate School’s youth recently took the reins of their culinary destiny and got creative with a Green Smoothie demo. The ingredients? A magical blend of Lokelani’s own ‘uala leaves, fresh pineapple juice, and bananas – all straight from the vibrant school garden.

Harvesting Joy: From Garden to Glass

The journey for the students began by harvesting ‘uala leaves, a green powerhouse rich in nutrients, right from the school garden. The sense of connection these youth felt as they plucked ingredients for their smoothie adventure was truly transformative. The garden-to-glass journey symbolized not only sustainable practices but also a deeper connection to the food they consume.

With ingredients in hand, the students started their green smoothie demo by blending ‘uala leaves, sweet pineapple juice, and the goodness of bananas. The result? A refreshing, nutrient-packed green smoothie that captured the essence of Lokelani’s commitment to healthy living and sustainability through their school garden.

Sip and Spread the Joy: The Aftermath

The excitement came through taste testing the green smoothie, but it didn’t end there. After school, as the students were cleaning up, students from other classes saw the green smoothies and immediately remembered how delicious the smoothie was from previous smoothie demos. The students rushed to the table to see if we had extra, to get another taste of the smoothie they remembered so vividly.

With the smoothie demos conducted throughout the school year, data was collected to see if the students enjoyed the smoothie and if they would like to see it on their cafeteria menu.

A staggering 98% of students enjoyed the smoothie and wanted it to become a regular feature on the cafeteria menu.

Cafeteria Chronicles: From Demo to Demand

The demand for the green smoothie at Lokelani Intermediate School is a testament to the transformational change that occurs when youth actively participate in harvesting their own food. This initiative not only nurtures a sense of responsibility towards the environment but also fosters a deep connection to the source of their nourishment.

Join the Movement: A Call to Action

Let’s harness this enthusiasm and turn it into a sustainable movement! The Green Smoothie Revolution is underway at Lokelani Intermediate School, and we invite everyone to join hands in supporting school gardens and nourishing the keiki through these programs. Together, let’s sow the seeds of a healthier, greener future.

RoAnn Viloria, MPH

RoAnn Viloria, MPH

Maui, Molokai and Lānaʻi HEAL Coalition Coordinator
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