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Hawaiʻi 2035 State Strategic Plan On Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Dementias

Hawaiʻi Dementia Initiative

Do you know someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or another type of dementia? Maybe you are a family caregiver of someone with dementia, or perhaps a neighbor has talked about worsening memory problems over time and is seeking care from their doctor. Maybe your own doctor has helped you take a dementia screening test after listening to your concerns, perhaps about misplacing things or having a harder time than usual completing familiar tasks like cooking, driving places, or shopping.

If so, you are not alone. In Hawaiʻi, one in nine adults aged 45 or older have reported experiencing subjective cognitive decline because they noticed worsening memory problems over the past year in 2021. Not everyone who experiences cognitive decline will develop dementia, but this can be one of the potential signs of dementia, which is progressive and gets worse over time. About 29,000 older adults in Hawaiʻi live with Alzheimer’s disease and are cared for by 60,000 family caregivers, who in turn provide 91 million hours of unpaid labor valued at more than $1.9 billion (2020). The number of people experiencing Alzheimer’s disease in Hawaiʻi is expected to increase by 20% by 2025.

Certain populations, including Kānaka ʻŌiwi, face an increased likelihood of developing dementia compared to other groups as a result of bearing a greater share of health disparities, stemming from social determinants of health inequity. Addressing Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias requires recognizing and addressing the underlying inequities that contribute to disparities in prevention, diagnosis, management, and care. 

As part of the statewide Hawaiʻi Dementia Initiative, HIPHI is pleased to collaborate with the Executive Office on Aging, University of Hawaiʻi Center on Aging, and community partners to implement the Hawaiʻi 2035 State Strategic Plan on Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Dementias. By prioritizing strategies built with health equity and culturally responsive approaches, we can work toward a Hawaiʻi that equips all people and caregivers affected by these conditions with the resources and support they need to live with dignity. Let’s move forward together. Join an Action Team today!

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Lindsey Ilagan, MS

Lindsey Ilagan, MS

Program Manager: Kūpuna Initiatives
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