The Hawai‘i Island Food Alliance (HIFA),  first convened in January 2016 by the Blue Zones Project® Hawai‘i Island,  is a partnership representing 20 organizations from diverse backgrounds.

HIFA committees focus on the islands unique food-related issues, including:

Healthy Food Access;
Advocacy and Policy;
Aloha ‘Aina – Sustainable Agriculture;
Food Economic Development; and

Meetings occur every other month and are expertly facilitated by Blue Zones Project® Government and Community Affairs Manager for Hawai‘i Island, Carol R. Ignacio.  In an hour and half, this smooth operator facilitates members through the meeting agenda, action items and discussion.  And then feeds us lunch!

Since its inception, HIFA has established a committed membership, created its mission, defined committees and strategies, accomplished the implementation of an island-wide Food Day (, provided advocacy statewide for obesity prevention bills, while continuing to learn and grow together.

As an opportunity to learn more about each organization, Hawai‘i County HEAL Coordinators recently presented an overview of HIPHI and HEAL activities during the February convening. We hope to further collaborate to highlight HIFA member organizations during the year through HIPHI’s Perspectives on Community Health events.

Thank you HIFA for all the great work you are doing to Malama ‘aina Hawai‘i Island.

And, if you are on the Big Island, and want to get involved, send Tami an email at