We are seeking an experienced community-driven individual to assist in the coordination and implementation of public health projects and initiatives at the Hawai‘i Public Health Institute (HIPHI) for Hawai‘i County and will be physically located in West Hawai‘i County. This position reports to the Community Coordinator for Hawai‘i County and the Programs Director (in Honolulu) and will provide support to the Hawai‘i County Coordinator.

Job Title: HIPHI Coalitions Assistant for Community Coalition Coordinator (Hawai‘i Island)

Reports To: Community Coalition Coordinator  (Hawai‘i Island) and Programs Director

Position location:  West Hawai‘i County

Status: Non-exempt 

Position Summary:

The Coalitions Assistant for Hawai‘i County position will assist in the coordination and implementation of Public Health projects and initiatives at the Hawai‘i Public Health Institute (HIPHI) for Hawai‘i County and will be physically located in West Hawai‘i County.

This position requires an experienced, community-driven individual for current and future public health programs at HIPHI.  Depending on funding, programs may include healthy eating and active living (HEAL), tobacco prevention and control, chronic disease prevention and other public health-related areas.  This position will work with the County Community Coordinator and the local coalitions and networks developed and organized by HIPHI.  Responsibilities include the implementation and monitoring of programs and activities, prepare program reports, conduct outreach as needed, as well as participate with evaluation activities to ensure the sustainability of current programs and advance the organization’s public health goals.

This position will also assist with any community building efforts including the maintenance of an active community coalition within a geographic or program area in support of public health. Coalitions will work on policy, systems, and environmental changes to create sustainable changes around public health (including but not limited to healthy eating, active living, and tobacco).  This Coalition Assistant will work closely with HIPHI staff, community members, stakeholders, partners and contractors to help envision, develop, coordinate, and implement related public health meetings and events as needed.  The Coalition Assistant may also be responsible for delivery of technical assistance and training, coordination and facilitation of meetings with appropriate stakeholders, conducting research on relevant topics, crafting and disseminating communications to different audiences, and documenting and maintaining records of the programs’ progress and accomplishments.

This position description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the areas of responsibilities or skills that may be required.


Essential Duties/Functions. 

This position would primarily take direction and assist the local Community Coordinator with the following:

  • Assists in the development, staffing and facilitation of an active and representative coalition related to specific issues and initiatives at HIPHI. Works in multiple disciplinary areas of public health to facilitate local strategic planning processes and develops programs and activities that focus on the improvement of health outcomes in Hawai‘i or specific geographic areas or county-wide.  General goals are to address health equity and eliminate health disparities with ideal focus on vulnerable populations through strategies such as advocacy, programmatic efforts, and/or capacity building.
  • Assists with the development and implementation of community initiative projects. Provides ongoing training and technical assistance in identified public health areas to enhance capacity of coalition members.
  • Assists with the development of annual work plans that support HIPHI initiatives.
  • Initiates community building; provides resources and presentations to stakeholders on different public health topics; provide community members and organizations with technical support to ensure the continued expansion, diversity and effectiveness of these groups.
  • Identify, develop and maintains strategic partnerships that will support further growth and sustainability of the organization and public health program.
  • Work with local County Coalition Coordinator and all stakeholders to assist in developing short and long-term goals and develop a strategic plan. Collaborates with appropriate stakeholders, partners, agencies, and organizations on projects, task forces, and committees to accomplish workplan goals.
  • Enlists and develops support from members (staff and volunteers) of the community, government, private and non-profit agencies to build support and advance program effectiveness. Work collaboratively with this network to ensure implementation of program is effective and successful.
  • Assists with the planning and coordination of meetings and events to convene community members, HIPHI staff, stakeholders, partners and contractors based on program or initiative needs.
  • Promotes sustainability of HIPHI’s public health programs. Researches and develops resources, encourages in-kind contributions; prepares public and private grant applications; identifies new sources of funding and supports fund raising efforts.
  • Assist with community assessments as needed.
  • Support HIPHI’s policy efforts at both local and state levels.
  • Support HIPHI’s statewide youth efforts locally including but not limited to recruitment and continued engagement of youth for the statewide CTFH youth policy council.
  • Prepares reports and related documents as required.
  • Participates in training opportunities; stays current in advancements in the public health field, programs, and changes to establish and maintain credibility across various disciplinary professions. Be able to provide analysis on the impact of any changes related to HIPHI initiatives.
  • Actively builds grassroots networks.
  • Provides communication to different audiences as required or needed either written or verbal communication or through presentations and through social media.
  • Manage program goals and objectives and evaluate efforts for effectiveness and areas for improvement. Participate with related evaluation strategies as required by the program or initiative.
  • Follows all HIPHI policies and procedures; promotes and support organization’s mission/vision, goals and values.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

This position does not have any supervisory responsibilities.