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Join our Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i Coalition

Recently, the Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i (TFK) coalition met in-person in September to plan for CY2023 and develop their annual work plan. In preparation for the meeting, all coalition members were asked to complete a survey regarding what is currently working, what needs improvement, and what more TFK can do for our community reflecting on 1) where are we now, 2) where do we want to be, 3) how will we get there?

The top two priorities of 2023 for TFK are to 1) continue to work on increasing tobacco education in the community and 2) capacity development of the coalition, especially in expanding membership. Tobacco is still the leading preventable cause of disease and death in the United States.  Join the movement against tobacco! TFK is actively recruiting for coalition members and youth participants. If you are interested in joining the tobacco prevention and control movement in Kaua‘i County please contact Valerie Saiki at

TFK Highlights:

1998 – Tobacco Free Kaua‘i was established

2002 – Kauaʻi County passes law for smoke-free restaurants, bars, and most public indoor spaces.

2006 – Hawaiʻi passes Smoke-Free Indoor Air Law.

2012 – Kauaʻi County passes resolution requesting park users refrain from smoking when other park patrons are in close proximity.

2015 – Hawai‘i passes law for smoke-free state parks; goes into effect July 1st.

2015 – HIPHI/CTFH lead effort resulting in raising the age of sale for all tobacco products (including electronic smoking devices) to 21, making Hawaiʻi the first state in the nation. 

2016 – Age 21 law goes into effect, Kauaʻi County passes law for smoke-free vehicles, and Lydgate Park on Kauaʻi goes smoke-free.

2018 – Poipu Beach Park on Kauaʻi goes smoke-free.

Valerie K. Saiki

Valerie K. Saiki

Kaua‘i Community Coordinator (CTFH)
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