Get Fit Kauai’s 2016 Worksite Wellness Challenge began in February and ended in October of 2016 and was a smashing success! Seventeen participating agencies and companies focused on making system, policy and environmental changes at work. Each team was given an initial questionnaire to determine how “healthy” their place of work is and how many policies they had in place to support a “healthy” place to work. At the end of the nine-month challenge, all teams revisited the same questionnaire to see how much they had improved. Extra points were given to policy and system changes that involved physical activity and nutrition.

The results were nothing less than amazing! Over 100 written policies and environmental changes were implemented to support healthy workplaces. The winning team, Wilcox Medical, even created a gym at their workplace that employees could use 24/7. Other teams created walking paths around their worksites and implemented started allowing employees the use of flextime to visit Farmers’ Markets during work hours.

Get Fit Kauai Worksite Wellness Leadership Team will begin working on the next Worksite Wellness Challenge in the near future. Stay tuned!