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Kaua‘i continues education campaign on electronic smoking devices

“Water vapor, smells like candy, harmless, there’s no secondhand smoke, it’s safe.”

These are the usual excuses youth use when they convince themselves to try ESDs. However, what we do know is ESDs are not safe especially for minors under 21 whose bodies are still developing.

On Wednesday, May 25th, CTFH’s Kaua‘i Community Coordinator, Valerie Saiki, partnered with 10+ year veteran of Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i, Rebecca Smith-Lenarth, to educate the youth at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School in regards to the dangers of ESDs.

Vice Principal Tahara‘a Stein invited the duo to present about this mysterious hazard effecting student behavior to every grade level in the school. The message was clear: ESDs are not healthy and they are illegal for anyone under 21. A message we hope resonated with the students, especially throughout summer where many, for the first or second time, will face peer pressure to try this new-age product.

Based on Stan Glantz research, the presentations focused on three points: toxic chemicals (especially carcinogens), reported health effects linked to ESD-use and tobacco policy (Hawai‘i state) that effects minors using and possessing ESDs.

Presenting to about 800 students in just under 2 hours, the presentation was received well by students and staff. We hope this presentation also encouraged students to go home and talk to their parents or guardians about the dangers of ESD and secondhand ESD effects.

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