We kicked off our Perspectives on Community Health field trips for 2018 with the Kaua’i Independent Food Bank (KIFB), which has been providing education and nutritious food for the hungry and responding to emergencies, for more than 20 years.

On January 25, our group of 15 volunteered their time to give back to this organization that does so much for the island. As a group, we proudly donated 71 pounds of food and helped stuff bags for the Backpack Program, which helps children who rely on free school meals for nourishment to not go hungry on weekends.

The Backpack Program began in 2007 when KIFB staff began serving healthy snacks at an after-school program. Staff observed students “stocking up” on Fridays so they would have enough food for the weekend. They knew more had to be done.

On our Perspectives visit, we packed over 100 bags! It was great to see how a group of strangers can come together and make a difference. With all the extra time, we were able to assist in sorting donated foods as well as take a tour of the facility. A special part of our Perspectives on Community Health outings is the networking opportunity among participants. Talking story and making new connections while sorting food was a great part of the day.

It was such a pleasure to collaborate with the Kaua’i Independent Food Bank and jump-start our 2018 Perspectives on Community Health field trips with a volunteer opportunity. We thank them for their hospitality and for all their good work.

Our next exciting Perspectives trip will be on Friday, March 30, from  9 – 11 AM with Sounding Joy Music Therapy on O‘ahu! We will have a hands-on demonstration of music therapy interventions and learn about Sounding Joy’s work in Hawai‘i. To join us, please register here. If you have ideas for a future Perspectives trip, please contact Stephanie Moir at stephanie@hiphi.org.

We hope to see there or at future Perspectives field trip!