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Kūpuna Collective – Official Kick-Off for 2022

February 16, 2022 marked the official launch of the Kūpuna Collective (“Collective”), bringing together Age-Friendly Honolulu, the Kūpuna Food Security Coalition, Kūpuna Vaccination Outreach Group, and the emerging Kūpuna Digital Inclusion Group together for the first time. Nearly 100 attendees participated, representing a wide range of organizations and sectors from across the state. 

Reflecting on past successes, members shared their thoughts on the value of coming together collaboratively as part of the Collective. “This is an amazing opportunity and [I] look forward to collaborating with other organizations toward uplifting our kūpuna and the people of Hawaiʻi for a brighter future, with aloha,” one member shared. “I enjoy [collaborating], especially when supporting older adults, and have seen amazing things come from getting diverse partners together,” mentioned another.

Together as part of the Collective, members will work together to elevate critical issues, mobilize community assets, and drive innovative solutions that support and empower kūpuna. In the long-term, we envision all generations in Hawaiʻi thriving in a vibrant, age-empowered society that maximizes health, independence, and engagement of kūpuna. To join the Kūpuna Collective and for more information, visit or contact

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