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Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett has a message for our kids

Surrounded by the energy and smiles of more than 800 youth and family members, HIPHI spent the day helming our educational spin-the-wheel game and info table at the 2017 O.C.E.A.N. Health Fest. Through fun trivia questions, youth learned that there is a ton of sugar in most popular drinks and dangerous chemicals inside e-cigarettes. Young kids really enjoyed the spinning wheel to the point that they kept coming back again and again. Through the health education materials and activities that HIPHI provided, kids of all ages were able to learn about healthy lifestyle choices.

In addition to offering health education, the event also offered an opportunity for youth to get active and learn fitness skills. The Seattle Seahawks defensive end, Michael Bennett, gathered youth during their rest break to inspire them to think of the bigger picture. Bennett shared:

“…as an athlete, you want to be able to transcend sports. Not just be relevant in your sport, but be relevant in things that matter outside of sports. To be able to talk about life, school, community, and health. I want to empower young athletes to use their platform.”

What a role model he is! His voice in this cause is helping to encourage youth to get moving and make healthier food choices, which is in alignment with HIPHI’s Healthy Eating Active + Living Program (HEAL).

O.C.E.A.N. Health Fest is an annual event hosted by the Bennett Foundation to tackle childhood obesity. O.C.E.A.N. stands for fighting Obesity through Community, Education, Activity and Nutrition. The objective of the event is to educate the community on healthy food choices, provide affordable meal alternatives when cooking at home isn’t possible, and promote physical fitness.

Michael Bennet said it best: “it’s about the legacy you leave in your community.”

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