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Biki Event 2017

Perspectives on Community Health field trip with Biki and HBL

On Thursday, July 27, Hawai‘i Public Health Institute (HIPHI) teamed up with Biki and Hawai‘i Bicycling League (HBL) for a Perspectives on Community Health field trip. This field trip brought together community members and public health leaders to learn more about the new Bikeshare program and how it can help promote physical activity, bicycling infrastructure, and can contribute to Hawaii’s health. Participants learned learn about what HBL offers the public, including bicycling and bike safety instruction.

During this field trip, participants also learned the Biki “How To’s”, such as how to find a bike, how to pay for it, and how to use its features.

Hawai‘i Bicycling League leads workshops on how to safely ride a bike in congested Honolulu, including tips on how to let drivers, pedestrians, and bikers know where you are going, and the biking rules of the road. 

After hearing a little bit about HBL and what they do for the community, participants went on a short bike ride with Biki around the Kaka’ako area.  For some participants, it was their first time taking a ride on the Biki or their first time riding a bike in a very long time. 

Participants from this field trip rode around the SALT by Kaka’ako area, finding many new food, shops, and developments in the area, and cool murals to take a look at.  For most, the bike ride helped them find places they would never see or visit if they were driving a car.  The regular cyclists in our group expressed their personal joy for exploring the local area while biking, with the side benefit of getting a healthy amount of physical activity.

For more on our Perspectives on Community Health program, click here.

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