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Public art and road safety improvements on Papa Avenue and Māʻalo Street

In March 2021, Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino, Councilmember Tasha Kama, State Representative Troy Hashimoto, Lihikai School Principal Barbara Ouva Tavares, and nearly twenty community volunteers joined the project team to celebrate the project’s opening and assist with painting the street murals on Papa Avenue and Māʻalo Street. 

The Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization, County of Maui Department of Public Works, the Healthy Eating + Active Living Coalition, and local artist Matt Agcolicol partnered to design and install a “Quick Build” Demonstration Project at the Papa Avenue and Māʻalo Street intersection fronting Lihikai School in Kahului, Maui. The project includes improvements to pedestrian, bike, and parking facilities incorporating public art to make the area safer and more vibrant. 

The Quick Build project includes the following improvements:

  • Installation of bike and pedestrian crossings to make the area safer for people walking, biking, and driving in line with the principles of Complete Streets and the Vision Zero Maui initiative to end serious injuries and traffic fatalities by 2040;
  • Reverse-in angled parking for improved driver visibility, easier loading and unloading, accessible parking and curb ramps, and traffic calming. This will be the first reverse-in angled parking on Maui – a proven design that promotes safety and has been adopted by multiple municipalities; and
  • Street art by Maui artist Matthew Agcolicol to help beautify the intersection. Agcolicol’s design honors the area’s rich plantation history and gives a nod to the Lihikai Surfers.

Making it easier for people to get outside and move is so important for public health, to prevent conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Funding for the project was provided by the State Department of Health, and technical support was provided by SSFM International and the Ulupono Foundation.

Funding for the project was provided by the Hawaiʻi Department of Health’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Division. Quick Build projects in this funding round aim to promote active transportation near schools where 50 percent or more of students qualify for SNAP-Ed free or reduced-price lunches.

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