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Summary of Kauai’s Smoke-Free Parks Survey

In December, the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawai‘i started to collect data on whether Kaua‘i Parks should be tobacco-free? The survey was translated into 5 different languages. Special mahalo to the Chronic Disease Department of the Kaua‘i District Health Office for their translation work.  


We thank the many Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i volunteers who conducted outreach at community events targeting park-users with the option to complete the survey on their own devices, through verbal submission, or via paper version. 


Initial results from the survey shows that of all respondents (residents and visitors):

  • 96.3% agree that everyone has the right to clean air when visiting parks on Kaua‘i.
  • 80.8% worry about secondhand smoke exposure when visiting parks on Kaua‘i.
  • 93.5% believe that it is important to prevent Kaua‘i youth from experimenting with tobacco products. 
  • 87.3% agree that tobacco litter is a problem at parks on Kaua‘i. 
  • 75.5% would visit parks on Kaua‘i more often if they were designated tobacco-free.


When asked about smoke-free locations:

  • 93.2% of respondents believe parks on Kaua‘i with a playground facility (such as swings, slide, skatepark, etc.), should be tobacco-free.
  • 82.7% of respondents think Wailua Municipal Golf Course, a Kaua‘i County golf course, should be tobacco-free.
  • 88.5% of respondents think public Dog Parks on Kaua‘i should be tobacco-free.


The survey closed on  March 11, 2022  with a total of 323 participants (20 participants were visitors to Kaua‘i and 2 unknown locations). The data above was a collection of all the surveys as a whole and additional data will be released on  at a later date to show the results broken down by residents, visitors, and by age group.


For more information or questions regarding the survey process and results, please email Valerie Saiki at

Above is an image of the flier for Kauai’s Tobacco-Free Parks Survey (survey is now closed).

Valerie K. Saiki

Valerie K. Saiki

Kaua‘i Community Coordinator (CTFH)
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