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The Power of Community Efforts During the Pandemic

There’s one thing we can all agree on, in some shape or form, the pandemic has brought hardships for every person. We recognize that there is a lot of discouraging news circulating in our media, and we wanted to use our platform to highlight community members statewide who support community outreach and COVID-19 relief efforts. Overcoming the pandemic, only happens when we all come together by offering to help and accepting help when we need it.

For eight Fridays, we highlighted amazing community members who have faithfully served their communities through different areas of need: from helping to safely reopen schools, supporting food security efforts, creating opportunities for keiki, volunteering at vaccination clinics, and advocating for equitable access to healthcare! The attitude and heart of these community members show us there is hope that we will all get through the pandemic together. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) and check out the amazing individuals we featured.

Each person had a powerful voice in helping us envision where we are going as a state. Chelsea Takahashi emphasized, “I want to do my part to ensure all children of Hawaiʻi are given the same support and opportunities to be change-makers and contribute to society. I think nonprofits play a major role in uplifting families and ultimately children towards greater financial stability, job readiness, and health and wellness”. According to Dayna Moore, “Personally, I feel we need everybody to work together, not just within each industry or island or circle. We need volunteers and participation on all levels to get through this together”. Patrick Kilbride emphasized, “It’s important to take care of yourself, be grateful for all those angels in your life and then find a way to contribute to your community. It will make a difference, it always does!”

There are many areas of need and each of us has limited capacity, but when we activate and serve when and where we can, it makes a big difference. Every act of service matters. We would not see the progress we have made as a state without community efforts like these! 

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