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Why Kaua‘i Parks should Be Smoke-Free

Most of Hawaii’s parks and beaches are now smoke-free. In 2008, Hawaiʻi County passed a tobacco-free policy that applies to all county beaches and parks (Hawai‘i County Code 14-21b). As of 2014, Honolulu City and County parks and beaches went smoke-free with the exemption of Honolulu county golf course (Bill 25 (2013) CD2 RD 1), and all Maui County parks and beaches following soon after (Maui County Code 13.040.20 amended by Ord 4120). This ordinance does  not only include counties. In 2016, Hawaiʻi State Parks and stadiums also went smoke-free.

As the only county statewide that does not regulate tobacco or smoking in county parks, beaches and playgrounds, Kauaʻi has some catching up to do. While this may seem disappointing for some who live on island, this also serves as motivation to continue educating our communities on how individual support can help pass policies to address this major health concern. 

We are seeing strong community support for smoke-free parks and beaches. In 2015, 7 out of 10 adults surveyed would support smoke-free parks on Kauaʻi. When Coalition for a Tobacco-free Hawaiʻi staff table at community events, many of the attendees, who tend to be families, ask us to lead efforts in making these places tobacco free. 

Top reasons for tobacco-free Kauaʻi parks, beaches and playgrounds are:

  • Healthy, smoke-free environments for keiki and family friendly locations.
  • Eliminate tobacco litter from these locations.
  • Increase island appeal to local families and visitors alike.

Please join us in starting conversations with your community about tobacco-free Kauaʻi county parks, beaches and playgrounds (including vape products). For more information on the efforts on Kauaʻi please contact Valerie Saiki, Tobacco Community Coordinator at

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