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Maui Nui Youth Council holds town halls on harms of house parties

To kick off summer break and graduation season, the Maui Nui Youth Council held two town hall meetings between late May and early June to raise community awareness around the harms associated with underage drinking at home and at graduation parties. The meetings were open to the public and facilitated by the youth of the Maui Nui Youth Council. Presenters discussed the problem and ways the community could take action to prevent underage drinking from occurring in these settings.

Maui Police Officer, Brandon Phillips, shared a personal story of his teenage years where underage drinking resulted in the death of a close friend. He implored community members to take actions that would prevent such tragedies from occurring to others. Participants discussed ways to prevent underage drinking at parties and a Safe Party Toolkit was presented and handed out to all of the meeting participants. The Toolkit included specific actions adults can take when planning for and hosting a party to help prevent underage drinking from occurring.

Youth, law enforcement, and adult members of the Maui Coalition for Drug-Free Youth (MCDFY) participated in a Q&A session where community members could ask pressing questions about the problem and ways to prevent alcohol-related harms. Participants included Maui County Council members, staff from the Mayor’s office, parents, and other community members. A number of County Council members showed their support for by speaking on the importance of keeping our youth safe from the harms of alcohol during the graduation and summer seasons.

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