An estimated one-third of public health professionals in Hawai‘i will retire or leave their jobs  within five years. We need to ensure Hawai‘i has a sustainable, quality workforce by training a new generation of public health professionals. HIPHI’s internship program provides entry-level to advanced experience for students and recent graduates who wish to work in the public health field. 

Over the years, HIPHI has welcomed interns and volunteers. You can find stories from some of our recent interns and volunteers here:

HIPHI Internship

Intern Profile: Alexis Cortez HIPHI’s Advocacy Intern

HIPHI’s Volunteers

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2020 Summer Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Students may apply to more than one position. Please let us know which position(s) you’re interested in and send your cover letter and resume to by May 1, 2020.  

Tobacco Community Assessment Tool (CAT) Project

  • Requirements: Open to six undergraduate students) in public health or related fields interested in tobacco prevention and control. We’ll accept interns who need to accrue hours for their practicum/applied learning experience as well as volunteers who wish to gain more experience.
  • Term: Summer (May to early August preferred). 

Every year HIPHI conducts an assessment to better understand tobacco prevention and control efforts in our communities. We take an inventory of tobacco cessation programs  available to communities and assess the barriers and successes of implementing prevention and control policies in the state’s education, retail business, healthcare, and housing sectors. Interns will learn a variety of skills needed to successfully collect information: 

  1. Assist staff to develop participants’ lists and surveys.
  2. Administer surveys by phone or in-person and collect additional sources of information for the assessment (e.g., brochures, flyers, website information, etc.).
  3. Learn about community engagement strategies.
  4. Attend regular training and meeting sessions to discuss successful strategies and challenges.

Hawai‘i Youth Council Evaluation Project

  • Requirements: Masters student in public health, or related fields.
  • Term: Summer, Fall, and Spring. Minimum of 1-semester and preferably 2- consecutive semesters (Summer and Fall).

Over the past two years, our Statewide Youth Coordinator and interns have worked with middle, high school and college students to advocate for various tobacco policies. Students join the Youth Council, and members train to conduct outreach and advocacy campaigns around tobacco prevention and control policies. This year’s campaign is to end the sale of flavored tobacco: Youth Council members educate peers and adults about the dangers of youth e-cigarette use, and learn to speak to lawmakers about the importance of passing health policies that protect youth from the harmful effects of nicotine. Students do interviews with local media, and join rallies for advocacy campaigns. They sometimes testify at hearings and write testimonies supporting tobacco legislation. The Youth Council Evaluation Intern will conduct an evaluation of the program, including the following:

  1. Develop an evaluation plan.
  2. Determine what data is needed to conduct an evaluation (what data is available and what data is required to conduct an evaluation?).
  3. Develop data collection tools with supervision from HIPHI staff.
  4. Implement the evaluation plan.
  5. Provide a report with results and recommendations for future evaluation(s).
  6. If the project exceeds one semester, the intern may extend for another semester or complete parts of the entire project. For example, during the summer, an intern may develop an evaluation plan and tools to conduct the evaluation. During the Fall, an intern will use the tools to collect information and write the report.

Social Media Project

  • Requirements: Suggesting an undergraduate student in communications or related fields, although we recognize a wide range of students may be skilled/interested in social media.
  • Term: Summer, Fall, and Spring.

Sharing information about important health and wellness considerations in a way that is fresh, relevant and engaging is a critical component of public health. Social media offers an opportunity to build a relationship with communities, and HIPHI would value assistance in finding, planning and coordinating content to help grow the organization’s reach. In light of COVID-19 communicating accurate and relevant information is more important than ever. 

Social Media Interns or Volunteers would assist with:

  1. Assist HIPHI Staff with building up social media, blog and website guidelines, and procedures to feed posts from program to communications staff. 
  2. Educate staff on what social media can do and how it can support HIPHI’s mission and programs. 
  3. Research and suggest creative ways to connect with key target groups. 
  4. Coordinate social media efforts in conjunction with HIPHI’s Communications Director. For example, post articles, promote events,plan content and edit photos and videos. 
  5. Increase HIPHI’s presence and online engagement. 

WRPHTC Listings

We currently have one position listed on the Western Region Public Health Training Center’s (WRPHTC) website. Please read the listing and send your resume and cover letter to email

Matching System

We match students for internship and volunteer projects based on their interests. Students may be interested in one of our programs or interested in a particular public health issue. Students may be interested in developing certain skills (interns) or want to share certain skills with us (volunteers). Please fill out our application form!

Research Proposal

Students may also submit a draft proposal (outline or summary) of their research. We will connect students to HIPHI staff with expertise in the area of research. We may also connect students to our partners with expertise in the research area. Email for more information. 

If you would like more information about our internship program or volunteer opportunities, email us at Make sure you type “Internship” or “Volunteering” in the subject line so your email is processed in a timely manner.