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We believe we are able to achieve far greater together than in separate silos. Through our coalition, we are able to exchange mutually beneficial resources and direct change at multiple levels through advocacy, improved access, education, workforce development and oral health surveillance. With local coalitions on Hawai‘i Island, Kaua‘i and Maui, we strive to lift up all voices in our call for a healthier Hawai‘i.

Our Values

We take action to reduce oral health disparities statewide and advocate for person- centered health care through policy and system changes.

We include all voices, promoting authenticity and trust, to ensure diversity and foster a sense of belonging, involvement, and ownership.

We advocate for community and government action to uphold the rights of all, especially the most vulnerable people in our state, to receive appropriate and respectful oral health care.

We create and maintain a safe environment for openly sharing ideas, agendas, and concerns, and employ best practices and evidence-based decision-making.

HOHC Working Committees

The HOHC is comprised of four working committees:

Advocacy Committee
Advocates for systems and policy change to address the unique oral health needs of all Hawaiʻi residents, with emphasis on vulnerable populations facing income and access barriers to care.

Workforce Development Committee
Evaluates and addresses the oral health workforce capacity and functions to improve access to care for Hawaiʻi residents, with the focus on the underserved and vulnerable populations.

Data & Surveillance Committee
Compiles statistical and anecdotal information related to oral health access and equity issues, with attention to specific programs addressing oral health throughout the State of Hawaiʻi. The committee also collects data to better understand general oral health needs and inequity among vulnerable populations across the state.

Prevention & Access Committee
Works to improve preventative care, access to oral health services, and address oral health disparities among Hawaii’s underserved and vulnerable populations.

Neighbor Island Coalitions

In addition we have neighbor island task forces; we acknowledge the unique challenges neighbor islands face in improving oral health care. The HOHC- Hawaiʻi Island, HOHC-Kauaʻi, and HOHC-Maui are the voices for their communities. Being part of the HOHC allows members to identify and address the specific needs of their community while also being aligned and integrated to statewide efforts.

Hawai‘i Department of Health contracted with our team to facilitate a series of town hall meetings in 2017 to gather input from stakeholders on each island. Learn more about oral health on your island by reading the reports  Hilo  |  Kaua‘i  |  Kona  |  Lanai  |  Maui  |  Molokai  |  O‘ahu

Join Us

Maui Molokai
Maui, Molokai & Lānaʻi
Hawaii Island

“We continue to see vulnerable populations in this country disproportionately affected by dental disease. I believe that as a nation we can and we must do better…I encourage you all to work with me to lift up oral health. Help make the case to your communities of the importance of oral health to individual and community wellbeing and quality of life.”

– VADM Jerome M. Adams, MD, MPH, Former U.S. Surgeon General

Oral health advocates assembled in room, with Governor Ige holding proclamation
Governor Ige signs the Children's Oral Health Month proclamation.
% of kids under two years of age had a preventive dental visit through medicaid
residents visited emergency departments for dental problems
% of adults age 45-64 have lost at least one tooth because of tooth decay or gum disease
% of third graders have a sealant on their permanent molars

Contact Us

Contact our Statewide Coalition Manager for more information on the Coalition and how you can get involved.

Patrick Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly

Program Manager: Hawai'i Oral Health Coalition
Patrick joined HIPHI in April 2021 to lead the Hawaiʻi Oral Health Coalition into growth and stability by increasing community engagement, educating the public and health community, promoting oral health as a part of overall health, and working to improve oral health through policy, practice, and advocacy. He developed his passion for oral health through his work as a Health Specialist in Early Head Start/Head Start. Patrick has a BS in Public Health – Health Promotion and Health Behavior from Oregon State University, and enjoys hiking, frisbee, and exploring the Big Island with family and friends.
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