In a year full of unknowns, constantly changing information and so much need in our communities, we have learned to lean on each other for support and guidance. Community health workers (CHWs) have played a vital role during this pandemic, ensuring that communities remain informed and connected to social services. Through our monthly CHW meetings, we have been sharing and collecting success stories with each other. Stories as simple as empowering families to fill out forms for unemployment to as complex as working with a once homeless individual who, during the pandemic, successfully completed drug treatment and is now working towards regaining his nursing license. The brightest light shed during this time has continued to be community collaboration. Our monthly meetings have served as a time for networking, sharing ideas and connecting with each other. It’s a time to discuss ideas, offer up suggestions and find potential collaborations. If you are a CHW and would like to join the movement, please complete this membership form to join the listserv. We hope to see you at a future meeting!