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Drive Safe: Updates on 0.05 BAC Policy and Impaired Driving Awareness

As the legislative session unfolds, the Hawaiʻi Alcohol Policy Alliance remains active with advocacy efforts at the Hawai‘i State Capitol.

In its ongoing mission to support evidence-based prevention policies, the Alliance recently achieved a significant milestone: the House of Representatives scheduled and heard HB 1935, one of the bills to lower the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limit to 0.05 for the first time. This achievement wouldn’t be possible without the support and dedication of Alliance members and partners in the community. Although HB 1935 didn’t ultimately make it through this session due to deadline constraints, its journey symbolizes progress in our efforts. Unfortunately, SB 2384, another 0.05 BAC bill, failed to receive a hearing before a crucial deadline after crossing over from the Senate to the House. 

Thanks to the heartfelt stories of victim advocates and community members, our voices echo in the media landscape. Each placement serves as an opportunity to raise awareness, illuminating the importance of our cause. We invite you to explore these stories on our website, where they stand as a testament to our collective impact. You can find these stories at or by following us on social media @hialcoholpolicy on Instagram, Facebook, and X. 

In our ongoing efforts to engage the community, we recently held a Kaua‘i island sign-waving event to raise awareness of alcohol-impaired driving and to increase support for 0.05 BAC legislation. Several community organizations came out in support of the event. They included organizations such as Keep It Flowing Hawai‘i, Hale ʻŌpio Kaua‘i, the Kaua‘i Police Department, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Ho‘okele Coalition, along with others. It was a powerful display of solidarity and determination and a reminder of the strength found in our shared purpose and hopeful progress toward safer roads by adopting a 0.05 BAC.

Rick Collins, MS

Rick Collins, MS

Maui Coalition for Drug-Free Youth
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