Earth Day Kauai

It is known that cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world. Every year, several trillion cigarettes butts are carelessly discarded on the ground.  In the case of our islands, many of those cigarette butts end up on our beaches and in the ocean.

On Friday April 21, 2017, Tobacco Free Kaua’i partnered with the Pacific Missile Range Facility and other earth-friendly organizations to host Earth Day at the Bay. Students from St. Theresa’s School took part in a beach clean-up led by Surfrider’s Kaua’i chapter while Kula Aupuni Ni’ihau A Kahelelani Aloha Public Charter School helped collect seeds at the wetlands. Following those activities, both groups came together and participated in round-robin style education sessions.

Tobacco Free Kaua’i talked to students about the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and how this affects us all when we are trying to enjoy our beautiful parks and beaches on the island. Kaua’i remains the only county without a law protecting its patrons from tobacco use on county beaches and parks. Cigarette littering and its harmful effect on our marine life was also discussed. Students were reminded that it’s everyone’s kuleana to take care of ‘aina and oceans so that future generations can enjoy them too.