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Get Fit Kaua‘i Safe Routes to School Program

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Get Fit Kaua‘i Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, like many other community programs around the country and globe, has struggled to get back into the Safe Routes to School and Walk and Roll to School Day Groove…until October of this year. Slowly but surely, the Get Fit Kaua‘i SRTS program has begun to grow, with three schools participating in Walk to School Days (W2SD) in October and two schools planning W2SDs in December. Three Kaua‘i schools, Kilauea Elementary, Kalaheo Elementary, and St. Theresa, held successful Walk and Roll to School Days in October. Momentum is building, and small events like this bring everyone together. Promoting a healthy Walk and Roll to School Day was embraced with much aloha from all schools and participants! 

Kilauea Elementary School

Kilauea Elementary School engaged the entire student body by holding a contest to create a Walk and Roll to School Flyer for the event, with 20 entries received. The winner (Lilah H., 2nd grade) was celebrated on the morning announcements. Copies of the winning entry were posted on campus and distributed to all teachers.

On the day of the event, Kilauea Elementary had over 60% of the student body Walk or Roll to School on Thursday, October 26, with 130 students walking and 30 students rolling. In addition to the students, 47 family members joined the fun.

Kalaheo Elementary School

Being famous for their “theme W2SD’s”, on October 4, Kalaheo Elementary School held a “Wear Your Pajamas” Walk and Roll to School Day. Almost 60 students and over 20 parents and teachers wore their PJs as they walked and rolled to school.

St. Theresa’s School

On Wednesday, October 25, St. Theresa School held their first Walk and Roll to School Day since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Close to 100 students and over 20 teachers and parents participated in the event! Everyone had a great time! Teachers loved getting out and getting their hearts pumping. The teachers said the students loved it and talked about it for the rest of the week!

A huge shout-out goes to the County of Kaua‘i Public Works Roads and Engineering Divisions! 

Before the Kilauea Walk and Roll to School Day, a “Walk Audit” was conducted with Get Fit Kaua‘i, the Kilauea Elementary Principal, staff, and neighbors of Kilauea School. 

A list of multiple concerns and issues were identified and relayed to the County of Kaua‘i Public Works Roads and Engineering Divisions. Within weeks of the audit, Public Works evaluated all the school zone signs in the area and ensured they all met current standards. They repainted all the ‘in-road’ School Zone signs, removed foliage from the School Zone sign on the side of the road, and repainted all the crosswalks around the school. It doesn’t get much better than that. Mahalo!

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