For a year now, restrictions that safeguard us from COVID-19 have kept us indoors and away from social activities. We are starting to see people looking towards the summer with hopes of a family day at the park or having keiki play freely on our local playgrounds.  While procedures will depend on each individual county, we need to re-engage conversations about tobacco-free parks and playgrounds here on Kaua‘i.

Since 2015, Hawaii’s State Parks have been tobacco-free. Since 2015, every other county has either a smoke-free or tobacco-free ordinance in place, except Kaua‘i. It is time that Kaua‘i start prioritizing access to fresh air and put the health and wellbeing of its residents and visitors at the forefront. Now is our opportunity to share this message with our friends and pass a policy to designate all county parks and playgrounds on Kauaʻi as tobacco-free.

Top reasons to fight for tobacco-free parks and playgrounds on Kaua‘i are:

  • Healthy, smoke-free environments for keiki and family-friendly locations.
  • Eliminate tobacco product waste from these locations for a clean environment and protect our oceans and lands.
  • Increase island appeal and promote a clean and healthy lifestyle for Kaua‘i.

Please join us in educating the community about tobacco-free Kaua‘i county parks and playgrounds (to include vape products). For more information on the efforts and timeline on Kaua‘i please contact Valerie Saiki, Community Coordinator at