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Hawai’i Alcohol Policy Alliance Hosts 1st Annual Legislative Debrief & Planning Meeting

On June 3rd, the Hawai‘i Alcohol Policy Alliance met for its first-ever legislative debrief and planning meeting.  After a challenging session, the Alliance convened its members, along with new partners in the community, to review the successes and challenges of the past legislative session, and to plan activities during the interim session that will improve the group’s chances of success for next year.  The group’s priorities remain the same: decrease the harms of alcohol associated with overconsumption and impaired driving by increasing the State’s alcohol excise tax and decreasing the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit while driving from .08 to .05. 


A number of partner organizations participated in the meeting which included the Department of Transportation, Hawai‘i Island’s Police Department, Honolulu Police Department, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Coalition, members of the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup, and the Hawai‘i Bicycling League. This meeting marked another first of its kind in that it was the first time Alliance members had the opportunity to meet in person.  A number of neighbor island partners flew in for the event, and for many, it was the first time meeting each other outside of the virtual meeting room.  


During the meeting, participants laid the groundwork for a number of new and exciting events and activities to conduct during the interim that they hope will further Alliance’s mission and goals during the 2023 legislative session.  While the group identified the challenging but necessary work that lies ahead if they’re to be successful, the event created new energy and hope that it’s possible to spread the message to our wider community that it’s time to get serious about saving lives from alcohol impairment and impaired driving.  


For more information on the Hawai‘i Alcohol Policy Alliance contact Chelsea Gonzales at

Chelsea Gonzales

Chelsea Gonzales

Statewide Coordinator (Hawaiʻi Alcohol Policy Alliance)
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