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Hawai‘i Community Health Worker Association Summer Updates: 2024 Hawai‘i Community Health Worker Conference

Photo collage of 2022 Hawai‘i Community Health Worker Conference: Growing In Strength

Community Health Workers (CHWs) continue to be the backbone of health in our communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CHWs played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between underserved populations and needed services, ensuring that crucial information and support reached those most in need. Amidst the Maui fires, they were instrumental in coordinating emergency services, providing mental health support, and distributing essentials to affected families, showcasing their invaluable impact on the island’s resilience and recovery efforts. Their dedication and tireless efforts not only saved lives but also strengthened community bonds, highlighting the critical role of CHWs in crisis response and public health.

This year’s theme is “Reaching In, To Reach Out,” signifying the importance for CHWs to “reach in” and support one’s self through self-care tools, trainings, and other resources, so they can be well-equipped and prepared to continue “reaching out” to their communities. Represented by the kalo (taro) plant, the Native Hawaiian food staple and a revered ancestor to the Native Hawaiian people, it reaches into the soil, water sources, and sunlight to grow and provide sustainable food to communities nationwide. The kalo also produces numerous young shoots called ‘oha. These shoots are taken and planted, ensuring that kalo will be available for generations to come. Our mission at the HICHW Association is to equip and empower all CHWs throughout Hawai‘i so they can continue building bridges to their communities and cultivate CHW leaders to lead CHW efforts forward.

We invite Community Health Workers and other related professionals, CHW allies, educators, and supporters to join us for this one-day conference. Tracks provided during this conference include a Community Resilience Track, Leadership Track, Workforce Development Track, and Ally Track. Read more about this year’s goals and objectives and learn how you can get involved at

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We are fortunate to have the Hawai‘i State Department of Health and the Stupski Foundation as major sponsors of this conference. However, to provide the conference at no cost to CHWs and travel scholarships for neighboring island CHWs, we are seeking additional funds. We would be grateful for your sponsorship support and/or identification of potential sponsors for the HICHW 2024 conference. Learn more at 

Sponsorship Opportunities


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  • To learn more about how you can support CHWs throughout the state of Hawai‘i, please contact

Join the Hawai‘i Community Health Worker (HICHW) Association as they host this year’s bi-annual  2024 Hawai‘i Community Health Worker Conference on Friday, August 9, at the ‘Alohilani Resort at the Waikīkī Beach in Honolulu, O‘ahu. 

Hawai‘i Community Health Worke
Rosilyn Filemoni, MPH

Rosilyn Filemoni, MPH

Program Manager: Community Health Worker Liaison
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