Hawaii Gov. David Ige said Monday that starting on June 16, he will lift the 14-day quarantine for people traveling between the state’s islands that he instituted to control the spread of the coronavirus.

A separate 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers arriving from out of state will remain in place. Ige said he was having discussions about liberalizing travel from out of state and aimed to announce a target date for this next week.

For out-out-state travel, the governor said Hawaii was focused on opening up to areas that have similarly low numbers of the coronavirus and similar levels of screening and contact tracing.

Hawaii has a cumulative 652 cases of the virus. No new case was reported on Monday.

“The health of our residents have been our primary concern, but now we need to talk about restarting our economy,” Ige said at a news conference held in a departure lobby at Honolulu’s international airport.

Attorney General Clare Connors said people flying interisland should expect to have their temperature taken at the airport.

She said they should also expect to fill out a mandatory form with questions about health and locations of where the travelers will be staying on the other island. This information will help contact tracers quickly get hold of a traveler if someone gets sick.

Hawaiian Airlines CEO Peter Ingram said the airline has new cleaning and boarding procedures to prevent the spread of the virus. It is also limiting the number of passengers on board each plane so people don’t sit so close to each other.

All passengers and Hawaiian Airlines employees are required to wear masks, he said.

Audrey McAvoy/ Associated Press