In partnership with the County of Kauai, Kauai Cares, the Lihue Boys and Girls Club, Kaniko`o Senior Housing, Lihue Court Townhomes and community members, Get Fit Kauai is leading the group charge in efforts to revitalize Kalena Park which lies in the heart of Lihue, Kauai.

Dr. David Barth from Barth and Associates in Florida spent five days on Kauai and met with community members, high-level officials from around the island, and the business community to discuss design concepts. Dr. Barth pointed out that Kalena Park is not just a stand-alone place, but is part of a much bigger system comprising of other parks and public realms he referred to as the “Lihue Loop”.

He noted that creating a walkable path where Kalena Park serves as a trailhead (connecting to places like the Lihue Civic Center) could give the community more opportunities for health and fitness.

Get Fit Kauai’s next step? Develop the Lihue Loop and continue to create High-Performance Public Spaces throughout Kaua‘i.

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