The Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Lili‘uokalani Trust, and Kamehameha Schools conducted the ‘Imi Pono Hawaiʻi Wellbeing Survey of 2021, a statewide survey examining well-being among Native Hawaiians and Hawai‘i residents. The survey found that social support and the ability to gather with community and family was connected to health and well-being. Being with loved ones is an important value for many of us; we have a desire to connect with family members and engage in social activities. We understand the struggles of being separated from loved ones during the pandemic. This Thanksgiving marks the first time in nearly two years that many of our families will gather together in person. As many are making preparations to see family, we want to share easy tips to stay safe as you gather. 

  • Get vaccinated. Children and adults age 5 and up should get a COVID-19 vaccine. All adults aged 18 and older who received Pfizer or Moderna at least six months ago are eligible for boosters in addition to those who received Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine more than two months ago.
  • Wear a mask. Wear a cloth or surgical face mask over your mouth and nose when grocery shopping or in other public indoor settings, or when serving food.
  • Wash your hands before eating or serving food.
  • Outdoors is safer than indoors—Have your meal outside if weather permits, or enjoy other outdoor activities.
  • Communicate in advance with guests about your COVID-19 ground rules and the precautions you’re taking. Cancel plans if you’re sick.
  • Safe travels. If possible, delay travel if you are not vaccinated or feeling sick. If traveling with unvaccinated family members, avoid crowds, wear a mask, and get tested.

Below are links to find a testing and vaccination site and a graphic you can share with others on tips to have a safe Thanksgiving. Want more resources to share? Visit the Public Health Communication Collaborative for a toolkit including sample social media posts available in English and Spanish. 

Find a testing site:

Find a vaccination site: 

Today is National Public Health Thank You Day (November 22). HIPHI would like to express our appreciation for the many public health professionals in our state who have been working tirelessly to provide services to keep our ‘ohanas healthy and safe throughout the year, but especially during this pandemic. If you want to leave a thank you note or read an encouraging message left for our public health heroes, click here. It has been a long year for many of us and sometimes it is hard to feel thankful in challenging times. We acknowledge the pain some may be experiencing during the holiday season and want to share easy ways to stay grateful during difficult times. We are grateful for the sacrifices you have made and continually make to keep your family and community safe during this time.
Mahalo for doing your part,
The HIPHI Team