Hawaiʻi’s alcohol policy landscape just welcomed an exciting new player. The Hawaiʻi Alcohol Policy Alliance, HIPHI’s latest emerging coalition, was recently formed and hired a Statewide Coordinator, Chelsea Gonzales, bringing advocacy experience and drive to see changes made.

The Policy Alliance is a volunteer-based organization of members from communities all across the state. This coalition aims to maintain representation across all counties, and  advocates for research-based, responsible alcohol policies in the best interest of the people of Hawaiʻi, and that reduce often overlooked alcohol-related harms in our communities. Our vision is a Hawaiʻi free of alcohol-related injuries, disease, and death.

Statewide Coordinator Chelsea Gonzales

Although the coalition continues to grow and assess priorities, a current focus is to address some regulatory issues that have come up with the allowance of alcohol takeout and delivery during COVID-19. The Hawaiʻi Alcohol Policy Alliance held their first meeting on June 18. Please reach out to Chelsea Gonzales at chelsea@hiphi.org for information, and more details on future meetings. We look forward to partnering with you.