Kauai County is reinstating some strict social distancing rules.

Mayor Derek Kawakami said Gov. Ige approved his orders to re-limit the size of indoor gatherings like parties, and other social events.

Per the mayor’s orders, crowds inside are now limited to ten or fewer people.

Emergency rule 13 only applies to social and casual gatherings, and does not apply to businesses like churches, stores, restaurants or schools.

Emergency rule 6 was also amended, further requiring people five years and older to wear face coverings, whether indoors or outdoors, when alongside people from a different household. There are limited exceptions.

Amendments also closed loopholes for travelers claiming to be new residents to the Garden Isle. For full details, click here.

Those violating the rules, if convicted, could face a fine of up to $5,000 or a serve up to a year in jail.

HNN Staff/ Hawaii News Now