Plus sides of masks: spreading the 808NOVAPE message.

Last year saw dramatic changes to the lives and livelihood of everyone, especially Hawaii’s youth and families. Education went online, sports were cancelled, and for extended periods of time families could not see one another unless they lived in the same household. There was hope for students to return to classrooms for the entire 2020-21 school year, but as we know, many did not return to in-person learning until the 4th quarter, if at all.

Luckily through various platforms of video conferencing, tobacco education on Kauaʻi continued throughout the school year. Although requests for presentations were considerably reduced, the Tobacco-Free Kauaʻi coalition was still able to connect virtually with some schools and after-school programs for presentations and activities.

The NEW norm: masks and 6 feet apart

By March 2021, some classes were ready for in-person presentations, and the coalition was fortunate to present in elementary, middle and high school during the 4th quarter of the school year.

As Kauaʻi prepares for the upcoming school year, we would like to remind partner community groups, churches, schools (public, private and charter), and after school programs that we are available for virtual/in-person presentations or materials (including handouts for students/parents and posters for classrooms).

The coalition is equipped to provide education in a variety of settings, not just public schools. If you are on Kauaʻi and have a community activity or a small or large group who is interested in  tobacco prevention education (including information on e-cigarette devices), please contact Kauaʻi Coordinator Valerie Saiki via email (