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Maui County Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Issue Brief

The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaiʻi (CTFH), a program of the Hawaiʻi Public Health Institute (HIPHI), has long recognized the need for smoke-free multi-unit housing policies to help protect the health of residents, visitors, and staff. With the current pandemic keeping more people home this year than ever before, secondhand smoke exposure continues to be exacerbated in multi-unit housing settings where up to 65 percent of air is shared between units. The Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Education Program and CTFH have both experienced an increase in secondhand smoke exposure complaints from residents of multi-unit housing complexes this year, and have been working diligently with those directly impacted to support smoke-free policies that can help protect health. Starting as early as 2007, sixty-four jurisdictions in California have passed smoke-free multi-unit housing ordinances. We hope that Maui County might be next, and the first county in the state of Hawaiʻi to pass such a clean air law, which will protect the health of all multi-unit housing residents, visitors, and staff.

To help educate our community and our policymakers on this issue and gain support for a Maui County smoke-free multi-unit housing ordinance, a Maui County CTFH workgroup was created to develop an issue brief synthesizing the problem, the data, and the solution. We are proud to publish the Maui County Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Ordinance issue brief here, and are currently seeking supporting organizations, businesses, and community leaders who would like to be listed as an endorser on the brief. Please email Katie Folio at if you or your business or organization are interested.

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