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MarlaRae Guerpo, Care Coordinator At Hāmākua-Kohala Health Holding "Stay Well Stay Covered" Materials And A Pink Envelope.

Pink Envelopes on Parade: Medicaid Renewal Underway Now

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Health insurance coverage for approximately 470,000 Medicaid recipients in Hawai‘i hangs in the balance over the next six months.

Routine annual Medicaid renewal was suspended from the beginning of the COVID pandemic, so members had uninterrupted coverage until the public health emergency was lifted in May 2023. Now, Hawai‘i’s Medicaid agency, Med-QUEST (MQD), has resumed annual renewals, meaning that Medicaid eligibility must be redetermined by June 2024. Members will receive pink envelopes from MQD. It’s important to open the envelopes and take any required action right away.

People who moved during the last few years, as well as certain priority populations, are at higher risk of not receiving the redetermination information and losing their health coverage as a result. These priority populations include those with limited English proficiency, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, Filipinos, recent immigrants, pregnant and postpartum individuals and families, and those who are houseless or unstably housed.

To help ensure that no one in Hawai‘i who is QUEST-eligible loses coverage, some of the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations in Hawai‘i have provided funding for targeted outreach. With the generous sponsorship of AlohaCare, HMSA, Kaiser Permanente, and ‘Ohana Health, HIPHI is convening the Community Health Advisory Partnership (CHAP).

CHAP is a coalition of community-based organizations, cultural leaders, and health centers working to address population health disparities by developing a health communication and promotion model that is collaborative, cross-cultural, and sustainable. We’re producing multi-language PSAs, print-ready translated posters and postcards, canvassing, attending community events, leveraging partner social media, and more in support of MQD’s Stay Well Stay Covered campaign.

Medicaid members need to watch for the pink envelopes containing renewal information and open them as soon as they arrive. This is especially crucial during the holiday season when it may be easy to overlook the pink envelopes. To join HIPHI and the CHAP project in protecting access to quality affordable healthcare, see our print-ready multi-language library of outreach materials, where you can also sign up for our newsletter to get updates and partner profiles.

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