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South Maui Vision Zero Safety Summit

We are thrilled to share the highlights from the recent South Maui Vision Zero Summit, which took place from February 12 to 14, 2024. This event highlighted Maui County’s Vision Zero Action Plan and Proclamation with the goal of zero traffic fatalities or serious injuries by 2040. For more information, please visit Maui MPO: Vision Zero. This summit was an enlightening and inspiring event, focusing on Vision Zero initiatives to create safer streets and communities for all.

The summit offered valuable insights into the principles and practices of Vision Zero and why Vision Zero initiatives are important. Through engaging discussions and presentations, participants gained a deeper understanding of how Vision Zero can be implemented effectively to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries and get to the “Vision of Zero” in our communities.

One of the most impactful aspects of the summit was the opportunity to hear from different communities and keynote speakers about their experiences with Vision Zero initiatives. These speakers shared their successes, challenges, and innovative approaches, inspiring attendees to take action in their communities.

Another highlight of the summit was a series of bike and walking audits, which allowed participants to explore various areas of South Maui while assessing the safety and accessibility of the streets. During these audits, participants rated the places they visited and collected feedback from actual pedestrians on the road.

The bike and walking audits provided valuable data and fostered community engagement and collaboration that will inform future road safety measures. By actively participating in these audits, attendees played a crucial role in shaping the future of road safety in South Maui.

As we move forward from the South Maui Vision Zero Summit, let us continue to work together to prioritize safety on our streets. By implementing Vision Zero principles and collaborating with our community members, we can create a future where every journey is safe for all road users.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the South Maui Vision Zero Summit. Your dedication and commitment to road safety are truly appreciated.

Information, presentations, photos, and videos from the South Maui Vision Zero Summit will be shared here. To learn more about Vision Zero, please visit the Maui MPO website. For more information about the Maui Nui HEAL Coalition, please contact the Maui Nui HEAL Coalition Coordinator, RoAnn Viloria at

RoAnn Viloria, MPH

RoAnn Viloria, MPH

Maui, Molokai and Lānaʻi HEAL Coalition Coordinator
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