The state Department of Education released new details Wednesday on what the upcoming school year will look like at individual campuses.

Principals at Hawaii’s 283 public schools are able to decide which instructional model works for their campuses: Face-to-face learning every day, a blended rotation, or a combination of the two.

Dozens of schools have already announced their decision and many are opting for the blended model. Blended means students will be assigned to groups and take turns learning in person and remotely.

Several high schools, meanwhile, have opted for a “hybrid” model.

It’s similar to blended learning but may be implemented differently at each school. Some students may go to campus on certain days, while others could be required to report daily.

Each campus is required to have 180 days of instruction and must adhere to specific safety guidelines around mask wearing, social distancing and sanitation.

A priority for face-to-face learning will be given to kindergarten through grade 2 and “vulnerable” students.

Hawaii school campuses closed in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic and remained shuttered through the remainder of the school year, with students technically returning with remote learning.

But participation in those remote learning opportunities, which weren’t graded, was low.

A survey of public school teachers found that most of their students didn’t regularly participate in distance learning. Regular participation among secondary school students was in the single digits in some areas.

Public schools will reopen on Aug. 4.

HNN Staff/ Hawaii News Now