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Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Apr 5, 2024
April 16, 2024

Managing Complex Emotions in a Complex World

Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Mar 11, 2024
March 14, 2024

Kūkākūka: A talk story discussion on Indigenous Public Health with Dr. Evan Adams

Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Jan 12, 2024
January 13, 2024

The Good News About HIV

Different demographics have different understanding and experiences of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). While younger people may not know very much about HIV and don’t consider it much of a threat, those with a longer life experience may still have a sense of dread regarding HIV. “The Good News About HIV” aims to bring public health professionals, healthcare workers, and providers up-to-date on HIV – the successes that have taken place, and the issues that remain, enabling them to take current knowledge and understanding into their work.  
Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Sep 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

The CHESTER Initiative - Substance Use Disorders

Presented by Dr. Jeffrey Chester, DO, learn more about our current understanding of substance use disorder (addiction) as a brain disease that is influenced by both internal and external factors. The emphasis will be on risk factors and primary prevention, brain chemistry stabilization, and examples chemical intoxication.
Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Sep 8, 2023
September 8, 2023

Hānai Ahu: Anchoring Culture in Substance Use Treatment & Prevention Models - Trauma Tips and Tools

Learn about the Ahupua'a Framework and its applications when responding to acute, collective trauma and grief as primary prevention for substance use and mental health disparities.
Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Aug 31, 2023
August 31, 2023

Environmental Health Concerns of the Maui Wildfires

Overview the major environmental health concerns associated with the Maui Wildfires.
Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Jun 21, 2023
June 21, 2023

Understanding Self-Neglect and Responsive Approaches to Care and Support

This training is to raise awareness of self-neglect among vulnerable adults in Hawai'i. Speakers will provide an overview of self-neglect, self-neglect statistics in Hawai'i, responsive interventions and helpful resources, and the role of Adult Protective Services. This training is sponsored by Ola HAWAII, a program at the John A. Burns School of Medicine is supported by grant number U54MD007601 from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – May 19, 2023
May 19, 2023

LGB&T Cultural Humility - Knowing Our Place

LGB&T Cultural Humility training is designed to increase knowledge and skills to effectively interact with LGB&T people, as well as support and provide affirming care and support.
Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – May 5, 2023
May 5, 2023

Strong Heart Study: Importance for AI/AN Indigenous groups and relevance to Kānaka Maoli

Learn about the Strong Heart Study, the largest epidemiologic study of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors among American Indians since 1988.
Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui – Apr 21, 2023
April 21, 2023

Food Security and Public Health

"Food security and public health" will provide an overview of how the food system impacts on health outcomes. Different aspects of the food system will be described. Driving forces behind food systems will also be discussed including climate change, conflict, COVID19 (the triple Cs). The role of the public health in achieving food security will highlight some good practices from Hawaii and other places.
COVID Webinar 38
November 3, 2022

COVID-19 Response for Persons with Disabilities UH Center on Disability Studies

The University of Hawai‘i Center on Disability Studies (CDS) is an organized research unit within the College of Education. They are committed to supporting people with disabilities and their families through various ways such as technical assistance, training programs, demonstrations, and other services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals with disabilities were disproportionately affected. Not only were they at high-risk for COVID-19’s more serious complications, they also experienced many disruptions in their day to day life. During this time, UH CDS developed new partnerships and strategies to effectively reach their target community and address new needs brought on by the pandemic. Learn more about UH CDS and their COVID-19 response.
COVID Webinar 37
April 6, 2022

Webinar 37. Improving Community Health During the Pandemic and Beyond

Join us as we celebrate National Public Health Week (April 4-10)! From keiki to kūpuna, community efforts have been essential in overcoming barriers presented by the pandemic. In this webinar will learn: best practices for executing pandemic specific services; lessons learned about COVID-19 communication and coordination; how to address community needs and equity issues.
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