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LGB&T Cultural Humility training is designed to increase knowledge and skills to effectively interact with LGB&T people, as well as support and provide affirming care and support.

This training integrates the unique viewpoints of local and Hawaii culture as related to māhū. Utilizing the unique viewpoints of our Hawaiian and local cultures, we aim to increase humility and capacity for understanding when engaging with our most vulnerable populations.

Learning objectives: At the end of this training, participants will:

  1. Have an increased understanding about the culture, family values and place of our Native Hawaiian māhū community;
  2. Have an increased understanding of the differences between cultural and western views of our LGB&T community;
  3. Increased ability to tailor existing services and support to better meet the needs of our LGB&T and māhū communities.

Presented by Kunane Dreier, Director of Training and Program Development and Maddalyn Sesepasara, Kua’ana Project Manger at Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center.

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