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Candidate Issue Survey

Candidate Survey on public health issues in Hawai‘i

As policy plays a significant role in our work at Hawai‘i Public Health Institute (HIPHI), we conduct an annual survey of elected officials and candidates that run for office, depending on the year. As 2018 is an election year, we have sent a survey to all candidates running for office in Hawai‘i, asking them for their position on public health policies that affect residents and families. Preventing youth tobacco use, increasing access to healthy foods, and investing in infrastructure that promotes physical activity are just a few issues that were included in the survey.

View the survey results here!

As a non-profit organization, HIPHI seeks to use this information to inform our agency, partner organizations, stakeholders, and voters of the candidates’ positions on various health issues and policies. Please note that HIPHI is a non-partisan organization that neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate running for office.

The surveys were distributed to all 325 candidates running for office, based on information from the Office of Elections website. Of the 325 candidates that received a survey, 152 (46.8%) responded. After adjusting for the primary election results, 76 (44%) of the remaining 172 candidates responded.

Responses have been published on our website at The results are organized by topic, then office sought. Individual responses, including written comments, are viewable by clicking on a candidate’s name.

This year, HIPHI developed five different surveys to make the questions more relevant to the position the candidate was seeking. The following list indicates the various surveys and the candidates they were sent to:

  • Statewide – sent to congressional, governor, lieutenant governor, state legislature, and Office of Hawaiian Affairs candidates
  • Hawai‘i County – sent to county council candidates
  • Maui County – sent to mayoral and county council candidates
  • City and County of Honolulu – sent to city council candidates
  • Kaua‘i County – sent to mayoral and county council candidates

We hope that the survey helps you understand where candidates stand on important public health issues. Be sure to vote in the General Elections on November 6 to ensure that your voice is heard. More information about the elections and voter registration can be found on the Office of Elections website.

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