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Group Photo Of Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i Coalition Members.

Revamping the Future of Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i

In November, sixteen passionate Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i (TFK) advocates gathered to help plot the 2024 roadmap for tobacco control on Kaua‘i. The members elected top priorities and developed a detailed plan to help TFK identify goals and the strategies to accomplish them.

In 2024, the members of TFK will collaborate to:

  • Increase tobacco education and healthy (tobacco-related) behavior change on Kaua‘i
  • Identify and engage community champions on priority tobacco policies (county/state)
  • Expand the coalition in the Kaua‘i community

Since the late 1990s, TFK has been the leader in tobacco control policies and education on Kaua‘i. Still, we need to add new committed members to increase education and support in our community. With the addition of new coalition members, these individuals can assist in maximizing TFK’s outreach and inspire our community to live healthier, tobacco-free lives.

For more information about Tobacco-Free Kaua‘i or to join the coalition, please contact Valerie Saiki, the Kaua‘i Community Coordinator, at

Valerie K. Saiki

Valerie K. Saiki

Kaua‘i Community Coordinator (CTFH)
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