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Going Smoke-Free One Step at a Time

Step 1: Learn

Read through all of the information that is provided on the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaiʻi’s website or call us for a packet of materials that will include:

  1. The dangers of tobacco smoke
  2. Your rights as an owner/landlord/board
  3. Resources you can use to help you along the way
  4. And who can help you!

Step 2: Share the Information

Reach out to your board of directors, other owners and tenants and get your resident manager, property manager, and property management company involved. Tell them:

  • These policies are not meant to be against smokers. Smoke-free home policies are intended to protect your family, friends, pets, and visitors from secondhand smoke.
  • Smoke-free policies can also help save you money in maintenance costs and on potential damage from fire.

Step 3: Gain Support

You can also do a petition or survey, to see how much interest there is around the topic. This will also help convince board members that this is an issue of importance to the community.

Step 4: Present to the Board or Owner

Talk to the Board and/or owner because they may not be aware that adopting smoke-free housing policies is 100% legal and that there are both financial and health benefits.

The Coalition can help guide you and your board through the process of enacting a smoke-free policy.

Step 5: Implement and Enforce

Please view and feel free to download the document provided below for a guide and tips that help boards, property managers, resident managers, and owners implement new smoke-free policies and tips on how to enforce smoke-free policies.

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